Discovery & Clinical Research Services

Assay Protocol Development and Process Validation

Comprehensive method development is our core competency; leveraging our domain knowledge and technical expertise in each component of assay development:

  • Sample extraction
  • Platform & assay chemistry selection & optimization
  • Analytical validation
  • Data analysis & design control.

Let us solve your sample to answer needs.

Sample Processing

Sample preparation is the foundation of successful assay development. Quantigen has extensive experience in the development and deployment of DNA & RNA extraction methodologies for broad-spectrum downstream analysis. From tissue and biofluids to laser capture microdissection and circulating tumor cell isolation; Quantigen has the experience and expertise to handle your most precious and challenging samples.


RNA-Seq projects are conducted with quality control checks throughout the process.   RNA isolates are checked for sample quality, integrity and quantity both prior to and after library preparation; the resulting sequencing data is assessed for base quality, ribosomal content and saturation analysis.

Gene Expression and Genetic Variation Analytics

Expertise in PCR derivative applications for RNA & DNA analysis is at the core of what we do. Quantigen has platform technologies to support targeted and mid density applications for:

  • Gene, long-noncoding-RNA & microRNA expression for RNA analysis
  • Genotyping, copy number variation and methylation for DNA analysis.

Validated Services for Translational Research

  • Pharmacogenetic screening
  • Copy number variation Analysis
  • Cell free miRNA analysis (serum & plasma)
  • Residual DNA (CHO & E.Coli)

Certifications & Quality Experience

CLIA certified, CAP accredited & ISO 15189 certification in process for 2016.

Quantigen has extensive experience collaborating with large Pharma and biotech in the areas of clinical trial assay development and validation, protocol transfer and site qualification, and diagnostic device development.